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Newborn Photography in Chelsea


Newborn portrait session in West London

I had my first newborn photo shoot of 2020 this week and it was such a joy to travel across London for some newborn photography in Chelsea.  I always love newborn seessions and there’s something particularly wonderful about starting the new year by celebrating a new arrival and watching the joy of a new family as they get to know one another.

I will never tire of photographing parents with their newborn baby, how they can sit and watch their newborn, just breathing them in and marvelling at their tiny offspring, eyes and hearts full of joy.

I love to take pictures that capture the little looks parents give their baby and also the looks they give each other.  The happy smiles that seem to say ‘look, look what we have made, aren’t they perfect’, their pride and happiness are wonderful to behold.

It’s a joy to watch the teamwork as parents work together to keep their newborn baby happy and content.  It always feels like such an immense privilege to be invited into my client’s homes at this time in their lives, to witness these early days and record them in photographs.

We had such a lovely morning together taking newborn portrait photographs in Chelsea.  I always work around the little ones, letting my sessions be baby-led with the minimum amount of posing.  I don’t balance babies in baskets or dress them in fancy-dress outfits, I want the pictures to be true to this time in their lives and be pictures that they will be proud to have hung on the wall when they are teenagers.  I like my images to be natural and relaxed, little moments photographed in a beautiful way.

I love to look for interesting angles and approaches though, to take pictures that capture moments and tell a story.  Pictures that will remind everyone of this amazing time when they look back in years to come.  It’s been really hard choosing a favourite from this session as there are so many pictures that I love but I keep finding myself coming back to this one.  I love the angle and I love the moment.

Our focus is on the little one, fast asleep cradled in her mother’s hands. She looks so snug and content and she snoozes happily after her feed.  Yet the bigger picture tells a wider story, her parents kiss framing her between them, the heart of the family and the centre of their world.

I hope you like this picture as much as I do.  If you would like to find out more about my newborn photography in Chelsea, then do take a look at the dedicated newborn photography page on my website or take a look through the blog where you can see pictures from other newborn sessions all over London.