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Newborn Photography in Hoxton


A fun North London newborn photo shoot

I spent a wonderful day taking newborn photographs in stylish Hoxton recently, a joyful morning full of love and laughter.

Newborn phot shoots are always very special. It’s such a privilege being invited into my client’s homes as such an important time. Alongside family, I’m often one of the first visitors and it’s humbling to be trusted to create images that will preserve the feeling of these wonderful early days. I love the challenge of working around the needs of a newborn – there are always lots of breaks for feeds – and creating natural style images that I know will stand the test of time and be treasured by the little one when they grow up. What a wonderful thing to have, images that show the joy and love on parent’s face as they stare in wonder at their tiny new baby.

At home newborn photography in Hoxton

I love to base my newborn photo shoots in and around my client’s homes so the images will be full of memories, it’s their bed they are lying on, their things in the background. These visual clues anchor us and will provide talking points in the future. Parents can tell their children about where they were living when they were born, the park they used to take them to every day, memories sparked by details in the pictures.

There are, of course, huge benefits to my clients in working in their homes. There’s nowhere to travel to and everything they need is at hand. This makes things simpler and more relaxed which is what everyone wants in those whirlwind early days.

Outdoor pictures

As well as indoor photographs then, when the weather is as good, we also take some pictures outdoors. The beautiful light, the summer growth on the trees, the sheer joy of being outside on a sunny day, we can incorporate all this into our newborn pictures.

We can take beautiful and classic portraits in the park, stunning family images which have a natural look with a creative edge. We can also mix things up a bit, use the wider environment or include details to give a sense of time and place like the stunning sculpture Hitchcock’s Reel by John Edwards in Shoreditch Park.

While we were out and about the world was bustling around us, hundreds of children celebrated sports day and the joyful shrieks of happy competition were such a joy. I love the community feel of London’s green spaces, what a wonderful place to live

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It was a wonderful morning from start to finish. I can’t wait to share the rest of the images with the family at their viewing session, in the meantime I hope everyone has enjoyed this sneak preview.

If you like what you have seen here today and would be interested in booking your own newborn session then do get in touch, I work all over London and into the surrounding areas. I’d love to hear from you and together we can plan the perfect newborn photography session for your baby in Hoxton or elsewhere in our wonderful city.