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Newborn Photography in Primrose Hill


Fantastic Newborn Photo Shoot in Primrose Hill

It feels like it’s the season of super cute newborns at the moment, and so I was thrilled to travel across town for some newborn photography in Primrose Hill.  We had a lovely time and I’m currently busy processing the pictures which is always a joy. I love looking through the images, finding the perfect moments, and getting the selection ready for my clients to choose from. It’s also the perfect time to put a sneak peek up here on the blog and so I hope you will enjoy todays preview of my wonderful newborn photography session in Primrose Hill, a taste of what is to come from this wonderful photo shoot.

I was really excited about this session as we’d been exchanging emails for a while and it sounded like such a lovely family and I wasn’t’ disappointed, we had a brilliant time. Arriving at the stunning Primrose Hill home I was introduced to everyone, including an excited array of pug dogs, all jostling for attention and creating such a joyful start to the morning as we made a cup of coffee.

Then upstairs to meet the star of the show, one of the most chilled out and delightful little boys I’ve had the pleasure to photograph.  In between feeds and snuggles we took pictures, chatted, laughed, and enjoyed every moment of our photo shoot.  I created lovely portraits, shots of the family together, and those little moments which always bring back so many memories. I often find that with newborn shoots it’s the simplest images that I love most – that glorious smile while being held by his daddy, that quiet tender moment while his mummy sooths him sitting on her bed.  Images that are timeless and which everyone will love to look back on as the years pass.

I love taking portraits of newborns too and it’s always a joy when the babies are awake for part of the session. Those early portraits, eyes looking straight at the camera with a gaze that seems both so curious and so wise, these are such a delight to have. I love the one I’m sharing today, so simple, so classic and with an expression that will probably be typical as he grows up – interested in the world around him with a clear penetrating gaze.

And, of course, there are the family shots, and I love this one I’m sharing from our Primrose Hill Newborn photography session.  Here we used the blinds on the window to give us a simple and clean backdrop for a beautiful portrait. It’s a stunning image of a wonderful family and I hope you will like it as much as I do.

If you would like to arrange a newborn photography session for your new baby then do get in touch. I’m very booked up just now but I’m taking bookings for 2022 and I’d love to meet you.