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Newborn Photography in Knightsbridge


Newborn Photography in Knightsbridge with Grandparents

Today on the blog, a wonderful newborn photography session in Knightsbridge. I was thrilled to meet this lovely family recently for a relaxed and natural style newborn shoot and I’m so pleased with the photos, a few of which I’m sharing today as a sneak preview.

Newborn photography sessions are really special. It’s such a privilege to be invited into my client’s homes, particularly at the moment when everyone is still limiting social contacts. Often, I’m one of the first guests after the little one is born and it’s a wonderful job to take pictures which will be treasured for ever. These images will be looked back on as time flies by, and also shared now, to introduce this wonderful little boy to family and friends around the globe.  It’s such a lovely thing to do and such a pleasure for me as a photographer to get the chance to share these early moments of family life.

We spent such a special morning together, taking newborn photographs in the family’s stunning Knightsbridge home and also out in one of the glorious garden squares which are such a delightful feature of West London. I was particularly pleased that the grandparents were able to join us which always adds a wonderful dimension and I love the idea of this little boy looking back on the pictures when he is an adult and seeing the joy on his grandparents faces as they look down at him, their beloved first grandson.  As is often the case I’m drawn to the little moments with grandparents, the tiny half smile of the baby as his grandfather holds his finger and his grandmother looks on adoringly. The scale of the hands showing us just how tiny the little one is.

When I’m photographing families at home I like to move around a bit, working in different rooms to get different types of images. I find that the pictures of newborns on their parent’s bed, for example, have such a different feel to those taken in the drawing room. I like to include details of the home as these will have so many memories for everyone whether it’s the baby’s first crib or a beautifully designed formal sitting room.

Outside I love to include the environment, using the natural world and shape and shadow to create diverse and creative compositions. It’s a fun challenge to create beautiful images that are so unique to where they are taken as these places will be so full of memories for the future.

We had a brilliant time together and I’m really enjoying processing this wonderful set of images from our newborn photography session in Knightsbrdge. I hope you like this sneak preview and, if you would like to arrange a photo shoot for your own newborn baby, do get in touch, I would love to meet you and your family.