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Newborn portraits or photos from a professional portrait photographer can be some of the sweetest ways to capture those first few days of sleepy new life. Read how London professional Helen Bartlett shoots in these newborn blog posts.

A big sister cradles her newborn sibling in this outdoor black and white portrait. This is an example of newborn and family photography in Bethnal Green .

Newborn and Family Photography in Bethnal Green

I approach newborn and family photography in a really relaxed way to take very natural images, avoiding props and elaborate stage sets. I’m looking for real emotions and real interactions, as these will be the images that will resonate with children as they grow up. Do take a look at my blog post and see some beautiful images from my recent newborn and family photography session in Bethnal Green in East London.

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newborn baby photography in Dulwich by south-east London photographer Helen Bartlett. Helen visits your home so that you don't have to travel with your newborn baby, other than a local outing such as a trip to the park. The newborn photos are in classic black and white.

Newborn Baby Photography in Dulwich, South London

It was a trip down memory lane for me when I visited Rachael to photograph her newborn baby daughter in Dulwich, just around the corner from my old school. It was so fun to think back to those days and all the fun we had. Places bring back memories in the same way that photographs do and it’s such a pleasure to provide pictures for the family that will have so many memories attached for them, pictures they will treasure as time passes and baby Amelia grows.

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This photo is from a newborn twins photo shoot in south-east London. The photographer is professional Helen Bartlett.

Newborn Twins Photo Shoot in London

On the blog today I’m thrilled to be sharing a selection of images from a recent shoot in South East London with Chloe and her newborn twin baby boys. We had the most brilliant time and the boys were so chilled out – maybe it’s being twins and having to wait their turn from the very start but they were so cheerful, with lots of smiles for their mummy and daddy as we played and took photos.

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Newborn and Family Photography in Barnes

A lovely selection of images from a family photography session in Barnes on the blog today. I love watching how older children interact with their new siblings, always loving but also a little wary of this new member of the family. I love to see relationships develop and how keen older siblings are to be involved, to look after and protect their new baby brother or sister. It's a real privilege to record these moments and I hope you like the results.

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Relaxed and Natural Newborn Photography in Baywater W2

I’m please to share a recent newborn session on the blog today. My newborn photography is all shot on location in my client’s homes with a focus on capturing life as it is being lived. Beautiful portraits of your new baby but in a relaxed fashion; on your bed, sitting in the chair you nurse in, images that will bring back memories of this special time when you look back on them. I’m always thrilled to have older children involved in the session and watching the early days of sibling bonding is an incredible privilege. In this session two year old Florence was so keen to introduce me to her baby sister, I can tell they will be such great friends growing up. To read more about this lifestyle newborn and family photography session do click through to the blog…

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Newborn and Family Photography in Surrey

A lovely set of pictures from my recent newborn, baby and family photography session in Surrey. This was my third session with John and Stephanie and the first time I met baby Charlie, under a week old! We had a great time and it's a lovely set of pictures, I do hope you enjoy them.

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Newborn baby and family photographer at the Barbican in the City of London

Amidst the wonderful architecture of the Barbican, I photographed a newborn baby and toddler with their loving family. For me, this is a joyous shoot filled with emotion and tenderness. A day of love and laughter, I adore shoots involving newborn babies and lively toddlers. There is something very special about the first few weeks of a baby's life and their relationship with their siblings. Fleeting as this time is, a family photography session becomes a lasting record of a very special and precious time.

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Newborn baby, toddler and family photography in Notting Hill, West London

I've been lucky enough to photograph Monique and her family three times now, first visiting the family home in Notting Hill for Caleb's newborn baby photo shoot, then revisiting when he was eight months old (one of my favourite ages for baby photography) and now visiting again to meet Lincoln, the latest addition to the family, at our newborn and family photo shoot. It was wonderful to see Caleb's interaction with his younger brother, which I was so thrilled to capture in this set of pictures – do click through to see an extended selection from our morning spent together.

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