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Relaxed and Natural Newborn Photography in Baywater W2


My newborn and family portrait photography sessions have always had more of a lifestyle feel – I don’t use props and while we’ll often wrap a little one in a nice warm blanket there won’t be a matching hat and basket. The reason for this is that I am keen to take photographs that will really stand the test of time and I feel that natural, black and white photographs, taken in my clients own homes are the best way to achieve this. This is not to dismiss other styles of photography – but this is the type of work that I do – beautiful, fun and relaxed newborn and family photography shot exclusively in black and white – I hope that it’s the type of work that appeals to you.

One of my favourite things about photographing families is watching relationships grow and there is nothing more fascinating than watching young children get to know their new siblings. It’s such an incredible time and there is such a mix of emotions for the little ones; from excitement and love to a bit of confusion as to why they are now sharing mummy and daddy’s attention. I love how older siblings often want to be in charge during a photo shoot and I love how they are often the ones who introduce me to their younger sibling, it’s wonderful to see the beginnings of what become such strong sibling bonds.

Florence, aged 2, was incredibly gentle with her baby sister, sitting so carefully with her (and carefully looking after her own baby, her toy doll). It was wonderful to see how proud she is of her baby sister and how interested in all the little things about her. I’m sure the picture of baby Edie holding her big sisters finger at only a few days old will be something they will both treasure as they grow up. These little moments, the touch of a hand, the stroke of a cheek, are perfectly recorded with this relaxed approach to newborn photography. These pictures will have so many memories of this special time with a sleeping baby and a hilarious boisterous toddler and the incredibly love and pride on their parents faces. I love watching the sibling bonds develop as a photographer, I can only imagine what incredible joy this must bring to parents as the family comes together as one.

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