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Socially Distanced Outdoor Newborn Photography


Newborn Photography in the summer of 2020: How we can do it safely

Hi, welcome to my blog and many congratulations on your new baby. What an exciting and wonderful time for you and your family. While negotiating nappies and night feeds, you may be thinking how best to capture these precious early weeks and months. Now is the perfect opportunity to record these special moments with a newborn baby photography session.

I know this year is so different to any other with Covid-19 changing our world, and like everything else, newborn photography sessions have had to adapt. This is the year for socially distanced outdoor newborn photography.

You’ll naturally have concerns about keeping your newborn safe in these uncertain times. When it comes to arranging an outdoor photoshoot, I’m here to say there’s no need to worry. I can reassure you that outdoor sessions are brilliant fun and can be done while following all the guidelines. Still personal, still unique and still about taking beautiful pictures for you that record this amazing time in your lives. And all without needing to work indoors.

Here I’ll take you through what socially distanced outdoor newborn photography sessions look like. Hopefully you’ll like what you see and we can arrange a time to photograph your new baby.

Equally, you might feel that you’d prefer to wait until your little one is a bit older. In which case you can explore the different types of images you can expect at each point in your baby’s first year on my website.

I’ll look forward to the time when I can come into your home again. In the meantime, we can make use of the summer weather in beautiful parks and gardens to create stunning, and meaningful, photographs of you and your baby.

Working outdoors on newborn photo shoots

Outdoor newborn baby pictures are lovely. I’ve always really enjoyed taking pictures outside on my newborn photoshoots. Working outdoors with a tiny baby isn’t a new departure for me, it’s something I have years of experience with. We’re just doing more of it this year.

Socially distanced outdoor newborn shoots will create two types of picture. For part of your session we’ll go for a walk. We’ll find different backgrounds and beautiful environments, whether those are the greenery of a stunning London park or an urban background if you live in one of the cool areas of the city with really interesting architecture. I love looking for light, shape and textures and using the environment to really enhance your images.

By taking pictures near your home, in the streets you walk through, or the parks where your child will play, we’ll be getting images that will anchor you to a time and a place in your memories.

There’s also something very uplifting about photographing newborns outdoors, especially at this time of year with flowers blooming and bright new leaves on the trees. Seeing newborn babies out in nature feels like the future and I find it very inspiring photographically.

Newborn portraits in an outdoor setting

Walking together and finding beautiful backgrounds works so well for shots of you holding your baby and family shots, stunning pictures of everyone together. But what about individual pictures of your baby? How do we take portraits while socially distancing outside?

For the other part of the session I suggest we find a quiet shady corner of your garden or the park and make ourselves a base. This acts as a helpful spot for feeds, discreet nappy changes and cuddles.  Your garden is ideal here as you have everything you need close at hand.

We can put down a picnic rug and you can bring a soft blanket or throw to place on top. If you have some kind of cushion such as a Sleepyhead or even a small duvet or sleeping bag this can also be ideal to give an extra soft layer between your baby and the ground.  We can place your blanket over the top to give a simple background and then let your baby lie down, snooze, snuggle and play with you in exactly the same way we would on your bed at home. This way we can still take those gloriously simple portraits while maintaining social distancing.

Because of the way I work, taking very relaxed pictures while watching you interact together, I’m never handling your baby. We aren’t putting them in complicated poses so there’s never any need for me to touch them. Again, keeping a distance ensures everyone is safe.

Outdoor newborn photography is baby led

As with any photoshoot, my socially distanced outdoor newborn photography is still entirely baby led. We work around your newborn so it won’t be a problem if you need to sit on your picnic blanket and feed them for a while. We could even bring a picnic if you think you might get hungry over the course of the morning. Rest assured it’s all very relaxed. We can’t predict how babies will be, they might be super hungry or extra sleepy on the day of your photoshoot, but we’ll work around them, there’s never any rush. And of course older siblings are welcome to join the fun.

You’ll have a brilliant time and it will result in brilliant pictures.

Why choose me for your socially distanced outdoor newborn photography session?

How to choose a photographer is always a big question so I hope this information and my newborn photography website page will help you decide.

I’ve been a full-time professional newborn baby and family photographer since 2003. Much of that time has been spent photographing families outside. I have the experience and the skills to ensure you get a wonderful set of images in what is not a typical photoshoot setting.

I’m a brand ambassador for Canon which gives me access to the very best and most recent equipment.

My work is highly regarded worldwide. Just take a look at the press page of the website or read through the reviews to see what other clients have said. I hope you’ll feel confident that, when you book me to photograph your newborn baby outdoors, you’re in safe hands and will get fantastic results.


After your outdoor newborn photography session

A few weeks after your outdoor newborn photography session I’ll have processed your pictures and we’ll be ready to view them. Depending on the government guidelines at the time, and your preference, this will be done either at your home (which is the ideal situation as you can see and feel the physical products, measure wall space and work together with my colleague Andrea to decide on your perfect prints), or via Zoom which works very well.

At your viewing session, whether in-person or online, you’ll be able to see your pictures and also some samples of the different products on offer. I’ll put together some ideas for you, which clients find incredibly helpful, so you can go with those or choose something completely different. The choice is yours.

I offer a wide variety of beautiful products from stunning heirloom albums to framed fine art prints, unframed prints and also digital files. You’ll be able to find the perfect combination for your family that will be treasured for generations. You can find the full price list on my website as well as some pictures for inspiration.


The full service from start to finish

My business is based around repeat customers, with many of my clients returning for regular sessions as their children grow up. We get to know each other over the years, creating unique quality images together. They also appreciate the excellent customer service I offer from start to finish. From the moment you get in touch to the day your prints and albums are delivered, I’m there for you to answer questions and help with decision making.

I understand that right now everyone is nervous about how any kind of new social interaction will work. A socially distanced outdoor newborn photoshoot is one of those things that may be hard to conceive until you’ve done it or seen the results.

But from experience, I can promise it’s a decision you won’t regret.

If you’d like to chat through any queries or concerns over the phone, just give me a call on 07713 329090. I’m always here to answer your questions and take your pictures. I look forward to meeting you soon.