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Now and Then – Poppy and Julian in Wimbledon


I first met Poppy and Julian when I was commissioned to photograph their fourth birthday party at their beautiful Wimbledon home in South London back in 2007. The theme of ‘fairies and animals’ was enjoyed so much by all the children present and I remember having a great time. As I had been recommended to Kristina by a couple of other clients, I also knew a lot of the children who were present that day, which always a recipe for a fun day of photography.

Since then, I have been lucky enough to photography Poppy and Julian every year at their Wimbledon home, our annual family photo shoot being a highlight every year. I thought it might be fun to show a picture from an early shoot alongside one from our shoot in November on the blog to show how much the children have grown and changed in that time. It really is the best part of being a children and family photographer – seeing the children grow up year-after-year. I love how Poppy and Julian are so close, the bond of siblings being even stronger as twins – they are such a great brother and sister to each other, and also such good friends. It’s lovely to see.

I do hope you enjoy this post – a ‘Now and Then’ selection from our children’s and family photography sessions in Wimbledon, South London SW18.


and then:

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