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Now and Then – children's portrait photography through the years


I've been lucky enough to photograph Will four times since we first met back in 2009, and each time has been such a pleasure. We first met when the family lived in Clapham in South London, which is one of my regular destinations for children's portrait photography. Since then, our shoots have moved to the family's new home in the beautiful town of Tunbridge Wells in Kent.

I always look forward to my shoots with Will as he enjoys having his picture taken so much – he's always keen to join in a game, or to chat and giggle happily as I snap away. We've always had a lovely time.

What I enjoy so much about seeing families again and again is watching the children grow, and how their personalities shine through. When we first met in Clapham, Will was already a really smiley, joyful toddler and he's now such a fun little boy. The smile is still the same, though – that look of joy in the early pictures as he looks out from behind the vine and plays peek-a-boo on the way home from Clapham Common fits so well with his look of joy as he charges towards me now – finger pointed, laughing out loud as he has found me hidden behind a fence on our most recent shoot. These games are fun throughout childhood, and it's lovely to capture this continuity.

I hope these pictures make you smile, as you see how Will has grown and how lovely it is to have regular children's portrait shoots through the years, creating a wonderful photographic record of childhood.

If you've enjoyed this post, do take a look at other pictures in my 'Now and Then' series on the blog here and if you would like to create a similar record for your own family, please contact us – we would be delighted to hear from you.


and then:

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