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Children’s portrait photography in St John’s Wood – Now and Then


The first in my new ‘Now and Then’ series features children’s portrait photography in St John’s Wood, London. With the popularity of my ‘Stories Behind the Images’ blog posts, we thought it would be nice to start another series of blog posts that offer a new insight into the way I approach children’s portraiture. So today is the first of our Now and Then series where I will be comparing pictures from different portrait sessions with the same children, as it is so lovely to see how the children grow and change over the years.

I have photographed Emily a number of times at her beautiful St John’s Wood home and I thought you would enjoy these to portraits as part of the Now and Then series. Showing my photographs in this way really demonstrates what I try to achieve with my children’s portrait photography. I love that we have a continuity of images – pictures of the children that are timeless and fit together year on year.

These two pictures, taken two years apart, have so much in common – in both, a game of hide and seek was taking place and Emily has the same look of absolute delight on her face. Yet the exact location and nature of the game was different – a far cry hiding under the covers to hiding behind the curtains, you understand!

I love both images and it really makes me happy to see them together. I feel so proud to be invited to share so many moments in different families lives, and to be able to capture these every day moments in a way that will hold the memories forever. I do hope you enjoy these two portrait photographs of Emily.

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