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Now and then – family portrait photography through the years


I love this Now and Then series on the blog, showcasing recent and much older photographs of an individual child or family so you can see how they have changed over the years, and also enjoy the continuity that having regular photography sessions can bring. It’s so much fun to take pictures regularly and see how the children grow-up, and fascinating to look back on earlier pictures and see elements of their personalities that have really come to the fore over the years. Previously I’ve only posted pictures of individual children and so thought it would be fun to post a ‘Now and Then’ family shot, so here is one from a children and family photography session in Suffolk.

I love both these photographs and, in the context of this blog post, I love their different feels – one taken indoors, one outdoors; one fairly controlled family photograph with older children who were keen to be involved, and one shot of pure chaos as we tried to get a small baby and a two and a half year old into a fun packed, interesting family composition – a task I often compare to herding cats.

I love how the joy and smiles are there in both – proud parents and happy children, and that wonderful feeling of a close family unit. They are both pictures that I have always loved and I do hope you will enjoy looking at them as part of this Now and Then series featuring some of my favourite children’s and family portrait photographs on the blog.


and then:

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