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Now and Then – Verity’s portrait photographs in Greenwich


I first met Hatty and Verity six years ago, when I visited them at home in Greenwich to take some newborn photographs of Verity.

I remember the session vividly – Verity was so chilled out, a typical fourth child she just lay there happily as the world whizzed by around her (I’m the fourth child myself, so I heartily recommend this view).

I was thrilled to be asked back this summer to photograph Verity again but also this time to include the rest of the family and her three older siblings. We had an amazing time and the blog post from the full shoot will be posted tomorrow.

In the meantime I thought it would be fun to revisit that early session and post something in the now and then – I love seeing how time flies and, to me, this really shows the value of photography. Each moment is gone in a flash and it’s such a powerful thing to record it forever.



and now:

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