Helen Bartlett / Family Portraiture

40th Wedding anniversary photography in Esher, Surrey


So I wasn’t planning to take a camera…

It was my Uncle and Aunt’s 40th wedding anniversary a few weeks ago, and I had been looking forward to a day-off with the family for ages. I am the youngest of four and close to my cousins and their children, so it was a rare chance for us all to get together as everyone is so busy nowadays.

I hadn’t planned to take a camera as I had a day of feasting on hog roast and champagne planned and yet, when the day dawned, I found myself throwing the camera bag into the car, just in case…

Of course, as soon as I arrived, I know I would be taking pictures. It’s what I love to do best and who better to take pictures of than the people that I love the most?

It was a wonderful afternoon – the sun shone, the hog roast was fabulous, the champagne flowed and an inspired second cousin had brought along a Segway – one of the best party entertainments I have come across.

Here are a few favourites from the day. I hope you enjoy them and to my wonderful Aunt Hilary and Uncle Podge – truly the best uncle and aunt a girl could wish for – I wish you a very, very happy anniversary and lots more happy years to come!

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