Helen Bartlett / Family Portraiture

A Fabulous First Birthday Party


Ethan had an amazing time celebrating his birthday

I’m so lucky that my job as a family photographer encompasses so many different things – from days at home to birthday parties and big family occasions.  I was so thrilled to meet Ethan to celebrate his first birthday and it was a privilege to be part of his big day.

Ethan was such a joy to photograph, even though he had missed his nap (who wants to sleep on a day so full of excitement) he was full of smiles for his party, lighting up the room with his happy and joyful face.  You could see how much he loved being the centre of attention as he was surrounded by family and friends.

It was an amazing party and so much thought had been put into the event – from the theme of ‘Guess How Much I Love You’ (one of my favourite children’s books) to the entertainment by the incredible Mini Mozart, and the wonderful food.  It was all perfect.

I’d not seen Mini Mozart before and I was immediately captivated by their performance.  Ethan regularly goes to their classes and so knew the songs and the format.  Having an entertainer that he knew well worked so well for such young children, the familiarity of the music and action ensured that nobody got overwhelmed and everyone had a brilliant time.

Mini Mozart mixed singing and musical instruments – in this case a piano and a clarinet – and it was lovely to see the children really enjoying the different sounds.  They even played one of my favourite pieces of music, one of Chopin’s nocturnes, along with Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes and Incy Wincy Spider and of course a game of sleeping bunnies which resulted in one of my favourite shots of Ethan – head to one side, resting on his hands – sleeping with his mummy.

It was such a joy to meet Ethan and his family, his parents, his grandparents, his cousins and all his friends and I hope that when he looks back on these pictures as an adult he will enjoy seeing the fun he had on this special day.

Happy Birthday Ethan, thank you for letting me share this wonderful morning with you.