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London children’s birthday party photography at Cupcake in Parsons Green, Fulham


I recently posted a ‘Just One’ preview image from Stella’s wonderful birthday party at Cupcake in Parsons Green in London, and am very excited to be sharing some more images from Stella’s second birthday party today.

I had the most lovely time photographing Stella’s birthday party – it was such a fun day and Stella had the most wonderful time, especially as family were visiting from America to share her special day. Her little face was lit-up by the most incredible smile all afternoon. It’s always wonderful to see children enjoying themselves and it’s such a brilliant thing about my job that I get to capture this unbounded joy in children’s birthday party photography.

For Stella and her little friends, I think the high point of the party – apart from the amazing cake, of course – was the ball pit. I always love a ball pit (although always with a slight twinge of jealousy, as I was never allowed in them when I was tiny – perhaps my mother thought that trying to keep an eye on all four of us was a step too far). Ball pits make for such wonderful photographs, as the patterns made by the balls provide really fun backgrounds and the sheer joy on the children’s faces as they launch themselves into the plastic balls is fabulous to behold. I love the laughter, the splashing (do you splash with balls? I’m not sure, but you know what I mean I’m sure), the throwing of the balls in the air and the quiet moments too – the counting, the separating different colours, how it can be calm for a moment and then BAM! as another child has flung themselves in and everyone has collapsed into wonderful laughter and smiles. It’s just wonderful and such a brilliant opportunity for really lovely, interesting and creative portrait photographs of the young children.

I loved how the older children and teenagers really enjoyed the party, too – playing with the younger children and impressing them with feats of juggling and balloon throwing. It’s always wonderful to see teenagers really enjoying large family occasions and entertaining their younger relatives and their friends. They seemed to be having a brilliant time and I really enjoyed capturing this wonderful interaction at Stella’s birthday party.

As always with younger children’s birthday parties, the adults had a wonderful time too – chatting to their friends and family, and playing with the children. It’s such a lovely opportunity to have pictures of family and friends as they are enjoying themselves in a natural environment and feasting on such wonderful food as they celebrated with Stella in Parsons Green, Fulham.

I do hope you enjoy this selection of children and family photographs from Stella’s wonderful second birthday party at Cupcake in Parsons Green, in South West London SW6.

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