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Children’s birthday party photography


I love photographing children’s birthday parties, particularly when I regularly photograph the same children year-on-year and get to know both the children whose party it is, and also all their friends. There is something lovely about knowing that these pictures – with party games and hilarious costumes – will be coming out to grace 21st birthday party invitations and wedding day speeches as the children grow up together and forge friendships that will be with them for life.

Honor’s birthday party this year was, as always, absolutely amazing. The themes for the party and for my Children’s birthday party photography was Disco! The fabulous folk at Magical Quest Children’s parties were amazing as they always are (we have worked together countless times now and it is always such a pleasure to know they are going to be at a party we are going to). It was a wonderful, fun-packed day.

The children – after arriving for make-up, tattoos and ice cream – settled to a dance introduction and warm-up. Some of the children were fantastic with all their dance moves, and each and every one of them had considerably more rhythm than I do!

Then we split into two groups to devise a routine before a ‘dance off’ in front of the parents at the end of the afternoon. The children all had such a great time and we got a wonderful selection of photographs of the children enjoying this amazing children’s party. I hope you enjoy this selection of children’s birthday party photographs from Honor’s seventh birthday.

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