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Children’s birthday party photography in Notting Hill


I always love being invited to take pictures of children’s birthday parties – some of my most vivid childhood memories are from my birthday parties, from the type of cake I had to the games we played. I really enjoying capturing these parties, so that the children have a visual record to look back in years to come and help remember every detail of the day. There is often the added bonus of tasty cake to eat at birthday parties, too.

Today’s post is from a fantastic party organised by Jessica and the fabulous children’s party entertainers Magical Quests in Notting Hill. Jessica always puts together a wonderful party full of imaginative ideas, and the children had such a lovely time.

The theme for this birthday party was Thunderbirds – the children did science experiments with Brains and games with Lady Penelope and Virgil, before battling with The Hood. It was amazing fun – I so enjoy being a photographer for children’s birthday parties – and here are some pictures from the day.

It’s Parker!

Science experiments with Brains at the birthday party, so much fun

Great glasses, Brains

Thunderbirds are go! What an incredible Thunderbird 1 birthday cake.

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