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Christening photography in Buckinghamshire


I love photographing christenings and so I was thrilled to set off from London bright and early for Jessica and Harriet’s christening in Buckinghamshire recently. I was lucky enough to meet twins Jessica and Harriet a year ago, when their mother Liz invited me to photograph the girls when they were ten months old. We spent a wonderful morning taking portraits at Liz’s parents’ home and out in the nearby woods with the girls wrapped up warm in the snuggest snow suits I’ve ever seen – you can see some of the pictures in our previous blog post here.

This year, we had much warmer weather and it was a beautiful day for the christening, with lovely soft light that was just wonderful for photographs.

I met the family before the service to capture some photographs at the wonderful Danesfield House, where Liz and Thilo had been married. It’s an incredible venue and the girls had such a great time exploring the gardens as we took family photographs, collecting stones was a particular favourite activity.

We then headed off to the church in the beautiful village of Medmenham for a lovely service. Combining the girls’ blessing and naming ceremony with the harvest festival worked brilliantly, and the vicar kept all the children entertained with his brilliant (and very visual) sermon.

After the ceremony, we travelled to the local Stag and Huntsman pub for a delicious lunch and a chance for everyone to relax, have a drink and enjoy everyone’s company. It was a brilliant way to spend an afternoon – lots of children running around and having fun, and the age range from the tiniest newborn only a few days old to the girl’s great-grandmother – it was a true family occasion.

I was so thrilled to share this wonderful day with Liz and Thilo, and their lovely family and friends. I’m delighted with the pictures that really capture the very happy feeling of the day and all the lovely people who gathered to celebrate Harriet and Jessica’s christening – I do hope you enjoy the pictures.

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