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Children’s birthday party photography at Stamford Bridge, the home of Chelsea Football Club


There are some photo shoots that sound so exciting, I look forward to them for months. I was thrilled when I was asked to photograph a football party and then over the moon to hear that it would take place at Stamford Bridge, the home of Chelsea football club. I’m not a big football fan but how could a football party at a real club not be amazing?

I arrived early to have a look round and get set up for photographing the children’s football themed birthday party at Stamford Bridge, Chelsea. I wanted to get the lie of the land and hear all the plans for the day. It was a action-packed wonder of a party, and clearly Chelsea football club do the children’s birthday party with great attention to detail, which is fantastic for photography.

We started with a tour of the grounds – seeing the stands from different vantage points and the players’ dressing rooms – oh boy, the home dressing room is so much nicer than the visiting teams facilities. It looked like a luxury spa!

The boys were quizzed on their football knowledge and I wonder if they remember as much of their school work as the phenomenal amounts of football trivia they have at their finger tips. If only they weren’t so young, I would have been recruiting for the pub quiz team!

Then football itself, which was a five aside game in an indoor inflatable pitch. The boys had a fabulous time.

I took photographs throughout all the different activities of the children’s birthday party at Stamford Bridge, Chelsea. Lunch at Frankie’s restaurant followed and then my favorite bit of the day – the interactive museum. I love photographing children in museums – the light, while low, is always interesting and I love the fascinated concentration of the children as they look around.

By the time the parents arrived to pick up the children, everyone was exhausted in the way that only a fabulous children’s party can make you. It was wonderful and I hope you enjoy the photographs from this children’s birthday party as much as I do.

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