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Multi-generational family portrait photography in Ickworth, Suffolk


As a Cambridge-based family photographer, I often travel out to Suffolk to take family portraits. I first met Andrea last year when we took some portrait photographs of Esme here in Cambridge, and so I was thrilled when she called to ask if I could join her extended family to take some multi-generational family portrait photographs while they were having a weekend together at Ickworth in Suffolk. It was wonderful to bring together children, nieces, nephews, parents, brothers, sisters and grandparents for this set of pictures.

We had a beautiful sunny day and had a great time exploring the lovely grounds with the family, climbing trees and enjoying the wonderful playground before a tasty lunch. It was great fun and I hope you enjoy this set of natural and relaxed family portrait photographs from Ickworth in Suffolk.

It was great to capture the cousins playing together in this set of family portrait pictures

The shoot included individual children’s portraits too, like this beautiful portrait – the quality of light was wonderful

Ickworth was a wonderful backdrop for this set of family pictures

This is one of my favourite multi-generational portraits – it’s wonderful to be able to capture a relaxed photo of everyone sat on this majestic tree in the grounds of Ickworth

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