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Blog posts of parties and occasions, showing the event work of London family portrait photographer Helen Bartlett. Helen captures quiet moments in conversations, emotional reactions to speeches and, as ever, children being themselves.


Children’s birthday party photography in Wimbledon, London

Two blog posts in a row featuring the same family – slightly radical, but it will all make perfect sense! After our morning family portrait session in Cannizaro Park in Wimbledon, I grabbed a bite to eat before returning to Kristina’s beautiful Wimbledon home to photograph her daughter Violet’s fourth birthday party. I love photographing […]

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Christening photography in London

I truly think the best thing about my job is seeing families again and again, building up friendships with the parents and the children, and recording milestones in their lives. I love being the ‘family photographer’ who everyone gets to know – it is a privilege and a pleasure. So I was thrilled when Karen […]

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Children’s birthday party photography

I love photographing children’s birthday parties, particularly when I regularly photograph the same children year-on-year and get to know both the children whose party it is, and also all their friends. There is something lovely about knowing that these pictures – with party games and hilarious costumes – will be coming out to grace 21st […]

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Christening photography in Cambridge

One of the real perks of my job is the insight I get into other people’s lives – both on a day-to-day basis taking children and family photographs at their homes, but also for the big occasions – times of celebration, and of religious and cultural significance. I’ve always really enjoyed photographing Christenings – the […]

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40th Wedding anniversary photography in Esher, Surrey

So I wasn’t planning to take a camera… It was my Uncle and Aunt’s 40th wedding anniversary a few weeks ago, and I had been looking forward to a day-off with the family for ages. I am the youngest of four and close to my cousins and their children, so it was a rare chance […]

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Children’s birthday party photography in Holland Park, London

I love photographing children’s birthday parties and have been lucky enough to photograph a number of events in Holland Park, which is one of my favorite stomping grounds in London. These pictures are from Ivo’s Sixth birthday with the amazing Magic Mikey entertaining the children with customary style. The floating table was really quite something! […]

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Family party photography in Cambridge

It’s been such a busy few weeks that the blog has been a little neglected, I do apologise. After an exciting week in Guernsey at the MYVISION photographic workshop (some of my images from the workshop will follow on this blog shortly), Tom and I spent a week in Berlin on holiday and then we […]

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Family birthday party photography in Cambridge

I was thrilled to visit Bernadette to photograph Luke’s second birthday party with his family. The whole family was there to celebrate with Luke, so it was a great opportunity to capture some relaxed photographs. We spent a lovely morning together taking pictures – a few family group photos and lots of pictures as everyone […]

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