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St Margaret’s Darby and Joan Club 50th Anniversary Party


I had the great pleasure last week of photographing the 50th anniversary party of the St Margaret’s Lee Darby and Joan Club. The club meets once a week for a couple of hours where the memebers get a chance to get out of the house, meet their friends and have some entertainment. Some weeks they have entertainers in such as singers, dancers and talks on local history and other weeks the memebers engage in craft projects or go out on trips to the theatre or the seaside. It is a great organisation and I am very proud to say that my mother is very involved with the work that is done there along with so many other individuals who give a huge amount of their time and energy to making the club the sucess that it is.

This week marked the 50th anniversary of the club forming and so was a special party. Members of the council came and chatted with the club members and there was also a show performed by the Memory Makers – a theatre group associated with the Age Exchange in Blackheath.

For me though, the highlight of the day was meeting up with some old friends. Mrs Torrison, the headteachers secretary at my primary school, Mrs Hart, head dinner lady and Kitty the cook who was performing in the theatre group. It was fantastic to see them again and to meet so many of the other members.

Here are a few pictures, I hope you enjoy them. If anyone reading this wants to have any more information about the club – particularly if you have older relatives in the Blackheath area who might be interested in joining then do drop me an email and I can pass on your details.

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