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Poppy and Edward's growing-up gallery

I’ve been lucky enough to have been photographing Poppy and Edward regularly since they were born – we have annual family shoots (sometimes bi-annual) and I have been thrilled to watch the children grow-up and get to know them over the years.

I still remember visiting when Poppy was just a few days old, a tiny thing and already the apple of her parent’s eye. Over the years, I've seen her learn to sit, crawl and walk. I vividly remember how proud she was to introduce me to her new brother when Edward was born, and the fun we have had together as they have grown-up – playing in the garden, walking in the woods near the family home in Surrey, going to the beach and even seeing Poppy launch her new boat in Cornwall during the summer holidays.

It’s been an incredible journey and I can’t wait for our next shoot. I hope you will enjoy looking at these pictures, and that they will inspire you to document your family in a similar fashion.

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