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Stella and Thomas’ growing-up gallery in Parson's Green, South London

This second growing-up gallery tells a story of Stella and Thomas, two of the most delightful children I have ever met – always smiling, laughing and having so much fun with their wonderful parents. I first met Stella in 2012 when she was six months old, and since then I have been a regular visitor. We have arranged shoots every three months, capturing each milestone in her young life and then, when her baby brother Thomas was born in 2013, recording his early days too.

We always have such a lovely time on our photo shoots and I love the different activities that we photograph – the grand days out to the park or the fair, but also the time at home in Parsons Green, having a tea party on the kitchen floor or playing in the playroom. These moments will bring back so many memories as the children grow-up.

It’s a privilege to be able to capture these pictures and I am so proud of the story we are telling, and of the knowledge of what a wonderful gift these pictures will be for the children when they grow-up.

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