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Children at play – Flynn & Brogan

This gallery shows a typical, fun-filled photo shoot with two wonderful children, during which we started early in the morning and headed to the park - I wanted to give you an idea of what we often get up to when we are out and about on a photo shoot.

This was my second shoot with Sarah and Flynn, but the first time I had met Flynn’s younger sister Brogan and also the children’s grandfather, who joined us on the shoot (I love it when grandparents are part of a shoot – they are often such a big and important part of the children’s lives, it’s wonderful to record these relationships too). We had a great time going to the park via the woods, climbing trees, running around, feeding the ducks (and the pigeons, although not entirely intentionally!), and playing on the playground before heading home for a well-earned cup of tea and a biscuit, and the children showing me their bedrooms.

I love a shoot like this, when we’re outdoors while the parks are empty, and then finishing back at home for a few shots that the children have chosen – pictures in their bedrooms with their favorite toys, pictures that will transport them back to these carefree childhood days. Just perfect.

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