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Since I started photographing children and babies professionally in 2003, there has been a bit of a shift in the age people tend to photograph their babies. When I started, the usual age was around nine-months old to a year – babies sitting up and smiling, reaching out to interact with their parents and the world around them. Now newborns are much more common, with the magic of those first few days. If asked I would advise parents, if they can, to do both – photographs of their tiny newborn but also their baby once more within its first year. Pictures where their baby is still such a little thing before they are up on their feet and running around.

You can always take more pictures in the future, you can never go back and take the pictures you missed out on in the past. Also, I just love this age for baby photography – there is something to incredibly charming about a baby who is interacting and having fun, who is beginning to crawl and explore and who will be delighted and laughing at the smallest of things, it’s such a happy time, a lovely time and a time I really enjoy photographing. If you are thinking about it then do take a look at this gallery, I’m sure it might tempt you to fit in another shoot between newborn and toddling, it’s a great age for photographs.

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