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Family photography with teenagers

I often photograph big families and I just love it. Perhaps it’s being one of four children myself, but I find the chaos of large groups of entertaining – you know things will never quite go quite according to plan, and you know there is bound to be at least one small disagreement between siblings, but you know that you’ll have an amazing time and capture some wonderful images along the way.

It’s such a blast being out and about with big families – watching the kids interact and seeing how they play together, and how they laugh together. The bond between siblings is an incredible thing, and something that I take a real pleasure in capturing for the families who arrange a portrait session with me.

This shoot took place in Oxleas Woods in Greenwich, which was a frequent spot for a walk with my own family when I was growing-up. It has all the elements that I love in a big family portrait session – fantastic group shots taken with imagination and creativity, individual portrait shots that really capture the children’s personalities, action shots as everyone plays, and those all-important interactive pictures as I document, from the sidelines, the everyday fun to be had from being part of a loving family. I do hope you will enjoy this gallery.

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