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Children's portrait photography in London

The purpose of my photography is to create natural, relaxed pictures of your children that capture their personalities, providing a lasting reminder of a moment in their childhood both for you and for them for years to come. By photographing on location in your own home, I am able to capture images of your children in their own environment, reflecting who they are and showing them having fun in their favourite places.

Creating a photographic record of childhood

I look for and photograph the big moments - the leap of a child into their parent’s arms to be thrown up in the air; the pleasure at a goal scored; a kiss given and received. But I also seek out the little moments - the questioning glance from child to parent as they explain the latest imaginative game; the concentration as a child teaches their doll to read; the snuggle of a tired child just before naptime and the hand that strokes their hair.

"Helen is a true professional who is confident in her own photography style and doesn't follow trends"
- Alison

Beautiful, relaxed fine art photography

We'll start our portrait session after breakfast and play all morning. We have few time constraints, which enables the children to relax and let their true personalities shine through, so that we are able to capture natural, relaxed pictures. I often find that over the course of a morning we will get lots of different moods - from boisterous games and giggling over-excitement to calm tranquil moments and snuggling with mum and dad on the sofa with a book. I aim to capture all these moments that make up your days - moments that you will remember with fondness in years to come.

Viewing sessions in your own home

After your portrait session, we'll arrange a viewing session at your home to show you your photographs. The aim is to show you what is possible with your pictures and we'll prepare a suggested album design, ideas for framed prints for the wall, and perhaps a few ideas you might not have considered previously. Please refer to the How it works page for more information about how we assist your decision-making process.

If you're interested in arranging a portrait session for your own family, please contact us through the contact form or call on 0345 603 1373 to discuss your requirements - we would be delighted to hear from you.