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Family and children's portrait photography in Chiswick, London W4

Energetic children full of laugher and happiness (and a good dash of mischief) are always an absolute pleasure to photograph, and I had the time of my life capturing these photographs of Emma and her beautiful, fun-filled family in Chiswick in West London W4.

Our family photo shoot was such good fun and took place in the grounds of the wonderful Chiswick House in West London, W4. I always like to let the children take the lead in anything we do, so that the pictures really reflect their personalities and their interests. It means that photo shoots are unpredictable and great fun. Children are such wonderful little people to be around, so full of wonder and able to fashion a game out of anything. I think this is why I love it so much - I've always had an active imagination and am more than happy to help if I think that there may be a tiger hiding in the bushes that needs hunting, or a snail that needs help finding its way home.

We had a wonderful time exploring, running, chasing, building, hiding, climbing, rowing, cuddling, laughing, skipping, balancing - I do really have the best job in the world and it's so much fun capturing children and family photographs while doing so many fun activities at Chiswick House in London W4.

We finished the session with a few extra shots at home while drinking a very welcome cup of coffee.

I hope you enjoy this feature gallery of children and family photographs from Chiswick in London W4.

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