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Family and children's photography in Hampstead, London

Hampstead Heath in North London is one of my favourite locations for children's and family photo shoots. I love the large expanse of green space, the trees (both as a beautiful background for photographs and as a wonderful place to play - climbing, hiding, so many games are possible). Hampstead is a wonderful spot for children and family photo shoots.

It was a very, very wet day when I arrived at Justin's beautiful Hampstead home for our children and family photography session - the sky was dark and brooding, and it didn't look likely to let up. As always in these situations, a cup of coffee makes the world a better place and as we dug into coffee and toast, I was thrilled to see the weather lighten just a touch.

Justin and his family were keen to brave the weather and as the rain slowed to a light drizzle, we left the house to head to Hampstead Heath to capture some children and family portrait photographs. As a photographer, I am used to working in whatever weather and I love the fact that children don't seem to notice the rain - it's just lovely to be out in the fresh air.

We had a great time at the park - looking at the raindrops on the lake, kicking the leaves, climbing on logs and taking some children and family portraits that really featured Hampstead Heath itself, a place that is so important to the family.

When the weather took a turn for the worse, we headed back to Justin's wonderful Hampstead home where we took some indoor pictures while making gingerbread men, one of my all time favourite indoor activities. I love cooking as an activity for indoor children and family photographs as everyone is concentrating and involved, and it' so much fun. It always makes for lots of wonderful photographs.

I hope you enjoy this larger feature gallery of children and family photographs in Hampstead and enjoy seeing some of the fun things we can get up to if the weather isn't very kind to us on the day of a photo shoot.

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