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An outstanding photographer

Helen Bartlett is an outstanding photographer who gets the best out of both parents and children - which is a rare talent! Her eye is exceptional and she is also extraordinarily fun and intelligent.

We are keen to capture our sons' childhood as it is passing so quickly so we ask Helen to shoot for us four times a year. The boys cannot wait for her next visit. Her exquisite photographs have an amazing painterly quality with a wonderful use both of natural light and of any surroundings in which she finds herself.

"Helen is lovely to have around, she slots into the family like she has never been away."

Helen is also lovely to have around, and slots into the family as if she has never been away. She is always energetic, optimistic and a warm and happy presence - she will gauge a child's mood instantly and knows exactly how and when to get the best from a shoot.

Unreservedly recommended if you want exquisite shots without a moment's stress from a Child Whisperer who also happens to be an extraordinarily gifted photographer.


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I would recommend Helen to anyone

Helen has photographed our family on a number of occasions, and the experience has always been fantastic. Not only is the time that she spends with us very enjoyable, it is also a very relaxed experience as Helen manages to take phenomenal photos of you and your family in your everyday environment. Therefore, the photos always look very natural and relaxed.

I still don’t know how Helen manages to capture such great photos with such ease and aplomb, but she does it every time, and our friends always comment on how great they are. I would recommend Helen to anyone.


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Unobtrusively capturing the essence of your child

For me, the sign of a great children's photographer is someone who is so unobtrusive that they capture the essence of your child without them even realising that they are being photographed. Helen is one such photographer - she always manages to produce great shots of my children.

Helen's beautiful black and white photographs are framed and scattered throughout my home, and we've already scheduled our next shoot for the autumn. I cannot recommend Helen highly enough.


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The day was relaxed, fun and creative

Not only did we get a fantastic end result with far too many beautiful photos to choose from following Helen's photo shoot, but I was surprised at just how much I enjoyed the experience. The day was relaxed, fun, creative and I came away feeling like I had spent a very special time with my son, focusing on him and doing just what we should be doing. He was only two at the time, but still talks about Helen a year on! Can't wait for the next time!


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Memories of a family day, not a family photo shoot

Being a children's photographer myself, I had high hopes and expectations of how Helen would approach our shoot and what she would come up with. I was not disappointed.

The measure of a social documentary photographer is their ability to get cracking images that convey the spirit of what is happening with no interference in those events. We hardly noticed that Helen was there, and the memories of the day that Helen came to photograph us are of a family day, not a family photography shoot.

But the real proof is always in the pudding - and for that just look at the images!


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I felt totally relaxed and confident in Helen's professional ability

Despite having a deep-seated phobia of having my photograph taken, I enjoyed every moment of our photo shoot with Helen. From the moment we met, I felt totally relaxed and confident in Helen's professional ability. She has a natural ease with children and my daughter was completely her normal self throughout; the pictures capture all her usual lovely, quirky expressions.

Spending time with Helen viewing the final images was extremely helpful and her suggestions for prints were very much appreciated. I would highly recommend the whole experience to anyone wanting beautiful real-life images of their family or friends.


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Quickly builds a great rapport with the children

Helen combines the ability to quickly build a great rapport with the children - putting them at ease so they are free to relax and express themselves - with the ability to take wonderful pictures which manage to capture the essence of the child and the moment.


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An antidote to over-preened studio shots

Helen's photography is an antidote to the over-preened studio shots that are fashionable right now. We went to a place where the kids love to play, and just did what kids do. The main thing I love is that Helen captured the children the way that they really are - dirty, disheveled and beautiful.


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Our albums will be treasured forever

I wasn't sure what to expect from a photo shoot at home, but after several stressed visits to studios, I wanted some relaxed pictures that capture the spirit of our family. Helen arrived just after breakfast and stayed until lunch as we were all having so much fun!

I introduced Helen to the children as 'Mummy's friend' to help them feel comfortable around her, but next time she visits us it will be as a friend of the whole family. The day after Helen's visit my son asked when she was coming back as it was, 'the best day of my life!' Our albums will be treasured forever.


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The most fabulous pictures, which we will cherish for many years

We were all very excited and a little nervous; after all, you shouldn't go in front of a camera with children or animals, and we had both! Helen made everyone feel completely at ease and was able to capture us all in a very natural, relaxed way. The results were amazing - the most fabulous pictures, which we will cherish for many years.


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Bautiful, natural photos that perfectly captured our son's personality

We were so pleased to have Helen come and take photos of our family. The shoot was great fun. Helen's presence was very unobtrusive which led to some beautiful, natural photos that perfectly captured our son's personality and toddler ways.

Helen was very accommodating of our daily routine and she has a special ability to relate to the camera-shy ten year old and the lively eighteen-month old equally well. The pictures wowed everyone, and we will treasure them forever!


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It was just so easy

We all really enjoyed our photo shoot with Helen. It was just so easy. Even when Amy got quite tired and grumpy, Helen was endlessly patient. We were thrilled with the end result, particularly the framed prints. Every time someone comes into my office, they always comment on the beautiful picture of Amy and my in-laws were delighted with their joint birthday present. With another baby on the way, I'm sure it won't be too long before we're booking Helen again!


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A 5-star experience from start to finish

Our session with Helen was a 5-star experience from start to finish. Our children were 2 and 3 at the time and we were a bit worried about concentration span, timing of the shoot, nappy changes, tantrums, etc. We needn't have worried at all! From the moment Helen arrived, our children were wonderfully at ease, played hide and seek with her, told her stories and introduced their toys. We drove to a nearby park and just ran around, played, had coffees, basically all the things we would usually do on a Saturday morning.

When the photos arrived, I was incredibly happy to have such a wonderful record of the day and the children's characters. Kate, who deals with planning, sales and logistics, is equally professional and nothing seems too much hassle. I would absolutely recommend them without hesitation.

Carmen and Peter

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One of a kind

I was lucky enough to come across Helen early in her career, and she has photographed my three boys at regular intervals since then. She forms an instant relationship with children of all ages and manages to construct amazing photos whilst letting the children do their own thing. As a result, the kids love Helen's visits, and you get pictures that really reflect the individual character of each child.

I have huge admiration for Helen - she is a true professional who is confident in her own photography style and doesn't follow trends. If you want relaxed yet classic photography of your children being completely themselves, look no further.


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Helen is a complete natural with children (and camera shy adults!)

We have had two photo shoots with Helen and both have had fantastic results, we have been so happy with both process and finished product. Helen is a complete natural with children (and camera shy adults!), and produces stunning photographs which we will treasure forever. She is a lovely person and a great photographer. We are already looking forward to seeing her the next time!


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We are so delighted to have found Helen and her team

We are so delighted to have found Helen and her team to take photographs of our young family. Helen dedicates lots of time to the job and put us all at ease, photographing us in our environment with wonderful results. The pictures are stunning and there were so many to choose from. The album she produced was so well done there was no way we wouldn't have ordered it, along with the multiple prints!

It was an absolute pleasure to meet Helen and Kate, and they were so professional and efficient at editing and then printing. We would definitely use them again in the future.


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Helen's photography is exquisite

Helen photographed both my girls when they were just a few days old, and I can sincerely say that the photos and albums she produced are some of my most treasured possessions. Her photography is exquisite, and she manages to produce the most stunning pictures from the most ordinary surroundings. Having the newborn shoots done at home, and Helen's natural affinity with children, make the whole experience relaxed and very enjoyable.

To then have Kate bring the pictures to us to preview and order is another luxury, and also allowed us to feel very involved in the final product. I have yet to find anybody who has not been struck with the quality of the finished product; both the photographs and their presentation.

I cannot recommend Helen highly enough, and I have never come across anything that comes close to her standards.


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I can't recommend Helen highly enough!

I have been lucky enough to have Helen photograph my children on a number of occasions and always with wonderful results. Her natural style always ensures that the children are at ease and this is reflected in the fabulous array of her pictures that adorn our home. I can't recommend her highly enough!


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We love Helen's work

Helen's photography is beautiful. She manages to really capture the essence of childhood and those precious family moments. We love her work and will be using her again to create a timeless record of our growing family.


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Highly recommended

We received a photography session with Helen as a gift and were absolutely delighted with the results. Helen is very friendly and put all of our family at their ease – the children played happily, resulting in wonderful, natural photos. Highly recommended.


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Helen takes photos that are breathtaking

Helen is simply brilliant when it comes to photography. She takes photos that are breathtaking. They are so natural and really captures the moment which is really precious especially when it comes to photos of babies, children and families.

I was very happy with the photo quality, service, speed and professionalism with which Helen and her staff worked to produce the most amazing photos of our family.


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I would recommend Helen without hesitation

Helen has taken two sets of photographs for us, and we were absolutely thrilled with the results. Somehow she managed to capture our daughter's personality, and the photographs look so natural and happy - they are a joy.

Helen has a lovely way of making the session effortless, but she is always thinking about the composition and it means so many shots look as if they come straight out of a magazine, they are so well put together.

Many friends have asked for her details and I would recommend her without hesitation.


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The photographs that Helen took were just stunning

Helen came and took some photographs of us as a family, not long after our daughter was born. Helen and my 8 year old son hit it off straight away, which helped a great deal in making the shoot a very relaxing and pleasant time. Helen was very accommodating of my tiny baby's feeding needs - and that day all she wanted to do was feed!

The photographs that Helen took were just stunning and will be treasured by all of us. Having seen photos that friends have had done by other photographers there just isn't a comparison really - Helen's images are amazing.

It doesn't just stop there, though - the post-shoot customer service is beyond excellent. Kate is very good at helping you chose images, giving very good advice on sizes and framing/presentation. Helen and Kate have been so flexible and accommodating to our needs, thank you hasn't seemed adequate enough when talking to them.

So, if you are looking at investing in some photographs of your family that you can treasure forever, I cannot think of a better person to go to than Helen (and, of course, the lovely Kate).


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A real work of art and a great keepsake

We had a great day with Helen - she had Joshua completely engaged for hours, and we ended up with a whole load of fantastic photos. Most importantly we felt completely relaxed and there was lots of laughter during the time Helen was with us. She's a natural with little ones, and even I felt OK having my photo taken!

The pictures are so beautiful. The photographs completely capture the very essence of Joshua's personality, which is exactly what we wanted.

The finished photo album is incredibly well-assembled, and the selection process (from a vast stock of amazing shots) was simplified through Kate's presentation skills and attention to detail.

The result is a collection of beautiful and sensitive images of a fleeting and magical time in our lives. A real work of art and a great keepsake; all of our friends always comment on how beautiful it is!


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The pictures are happy and so reflective of the relationships between different family members

Our eldest son went to university this October. It struck me before he left that it was a very long time since we had a good family photograph taken. I trawled the web looking for something different than the formal posed pictures we had taken previously. I came across Helen's website and loved how natural the pictures were and the way she captured so much personality of the people she photographed.

We were not disappointed. The whole experience was so mich fun, as we walked around the Beechwoods and it was like going for a walk with a friend. She then came back to our house and took pictures as we made music.

The pictures are happy and so reflective of the relationships between different family members, with cheeky glances, knowing looks, giggles laughter and friendship. I will really treasure these pictures and the wonderful way she captured the essence of my precious family.


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Helen is fantastic, a natural!

Helen seems to be part of our family - having been the photographer at our wedding, she has now seen our family grow and has photographed both our young children. She is fantastic, a natural! She puts everyone at ease and captures the most amazing moments.

We cannot recommend her highly enough. You just need lots of wall space in your home for all the photos as it's impossible to choose!


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The photographs are perfect

We were absolutely thrilled to have Helen come and take a beautiful set of photos of our daughter. Helen was fantastic - she worked around the chaos of a newborn, and was very sensitive to the challenging routine of feeds and changes.

The photographs are perfect. We love the natural style. The closest thing to a problem we have is that Helen has taken so many beautiful photographs, we are finding it tricky to pick favourites!