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Last chance to book Tom’s post-production workshop


I’m sure that everyone who reads my blog regularly knows about my boyfriend Tom Catchesides – he’s a wonderful wedding photographer and he has also written the industry leader in photography business software Light Blue Software.

Tom’s presenting a workshop on post-production for portrait and wedding photographers here in Cambridge on 8 November, and I urge anyone who has a wedding or portrait photography business to go along. Booking closes on Friday 22 October, so contact him right now to book your place on the course.

Here’s a summary of the workshop, straight from Tom’s blog.

Delivering the goods

November is creeping up on us, which means that the post-production workshop I’m hosting in Cambridge on 8 November is nearly here. Booking closes on Friday 22 October, so get in touch now if you’d like to come along.

This intensive one-day course covers everything you need to polish your portrait & wedding images to a standard that will delight your clients. The course will explore:

Setting and exceeding client expectations.

Taking control of your workflow.

post-production with Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom.

Practical portrait retouching.

Producing great black & white images from digital.

Presenting finished images to your clients.

The course is suitable for both established pros and those in the process of building a photography business. Some Photoshop experience is necessary, but a catch-up session will make sure that everyone attending the course is familiar with the tools used throughout.

Everyone attending the seminar will receive a disc containing details of the techniques demonstrated, sample files and the Photoshop Actions used during the course.

The workshop is taking place at Fitzwilliam College in Cambridge which, unlike most of the Cambridge colleges, is easy to get to by car. Lunch and refreshments are provided.

Feedback from previous seminars

“Many thanks for all the effort you put into the post production seminar it was without doubt the best seminar I’ve been on (and I’ve been on quite a few). The volume of information was excellent and the day was so well structured.”

“I really enjoyed your seminar and came away with lots of ideas. I was really impressed with your knowledge and skill and the amount of content you managed to get through in a day was fantastic.”

“There was so much to learn and I’m dying to spend time going through it all again!”

“I had a great time yesterday and felt really motivated – thanks again for your enthusiasm and content of the course, I thought it was great.”

“I really enjoyed meeting you and also got a lot from the seminar…I’ll be setting myself homework!”

Booking tickets

Tickets are priced at £90. To find out more about the workshop or to book tickets, please contact me directly.

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