Helen Bartlett / Family Portraiture

A Portrait in Silhouette


A complex composition that captures personality

When photographing portraits, I find myself looking for so many different things.  Over the course of a photo shoot I’ll take pictures with different moods – laughing happy shots and also more contemplative images.  I’ll take pictures of people together, close up shots and also pictures like this, pictures with a bit of space, more complex compositions which still capture personality.

I spent the most amazing morning recently with Claire and Liam taking portrait photographs.  We took pictures that capture their everyday activities – heading out with their wonderful dog, kicking a football, climbing trees, laughing and having fun.  It was such a pleasure to spend time together.

The first half of our session was a walk – we were lucky to have had one of these glorious days that January has been full of.  Low winter sun and surprisingly warm for the time of year.  There was a crispness to the air that is always so invigorating, and the light was stunning for photography.  We explored and played and had a great time.

Then it was back to the house and the arrival of Liam’s beloved grandparents who were a total joy.  It’s so lovely to see such love and humour between the generations, it really was a photo shoot filled with laughter from start to finish.

There are so many wonderful pictures it really has been so hard to choose a favourite.  This picture though struck me from the beginning.  I love the composition with the combination of the silhouette of the trees and just enough detail on Liam’s face to see that wonderful smile.  I love the personality that shines through, relaxed, hands in pockets – a perfect model – and laughing happily at something Claire was saying.

I hope you like this image as much as I do and if you would like to find out more about my work then please do take a look at the main website where we have a page dedicated to portraits of older children and teenagers as well as information about how my family photo shoots work and my portrait photography prices.  I hope you like what you see and that you might like to arrange your own family photo shoot this year, do get in touch, I’d love to plan your family photo shoot with you.