Helen Bartlett / Family Portraiture

Family photo shoot in Cambridge


Sometimes I meet children, or teenagers in this case, who are so talented it is staggering. When Davina booked her family photography session and mentioned that they were a musical family I thought ‘great, I used to play the piano’. I hadn’t a clue what was in store.

We started our session with a walk in the woods – fabulous for me as it introduced me to a new place I can go running in Cambridge (which I am always on the look out for with another marathon looming). It was great to have a walk and a chat, and get everyone relaxed with the camera.

Then we headed back to Davina’s home in Cambridge and the family started playing their numerous musical instruments. To say I was staggered is an understatement. Everyone played to exceptionally well – it was like having a concert at the end of the photo shoot. One of those mornings I will never forget…

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