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Family Photo Shoot with Teenagers in Bromley


I’m increasingly being asked to photograph teenagers and I’m always thrilled when I book family photography sessions with older children. When I first started I mainly photographed babies and toddlers – as so many family photographers do when they start out – but as those children have grown and, as my skills have increased, then older children and teenagers have become a large part of my work. It’s brilliant fun and I love photographing these young adults and taking pictures that they can take with them to university and out into the world.

It was a particularly important photos shoot for me when I met Bhupal and his family as Bhupal had been trained as a doctor by my father and I was really looking forward to hearing some stories about my dad at work. It was lovely to hear what a great mentor dad had been and I loved the fact that I was able to pass on more of his knowledge – in the form of the photographs he taught me to take – that day.

Bhupal’s children were so much fun and also so inspiring. I meet teenagers and young adults now and feel the world will be safe in their hands – they are so knowledgeable, so interesting, so focused and so intelligent. They were also so stylish which is something I could never claim for my teenage self and I loved how cool both boys looked with their blazers and pocket squares.

We started our family photograph session with a walk around the local park in Bromley in Kent. We found different backgrounds and worked with the light to create a number of really lovely family photographs as well as lots of individual portrait images.

After this we went back to take some pictures at the family home. When I’m photographing older children and teenagers I find it’s lovely to incorporate some of their hobbies into the photo shoot as this way we have images that will have such importance to the children. Music and chess were the big activities of choice as was driving the spectacular Aston Martin!

It was a fabulous day and I’m so thrilled with these images. I do hope you like them too, this Family Photo Shoot with Teenagers in Bromley in Kent.

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