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Family photographer in Chislehurst, Kent


It was 2007 when I first photographed Anna and her family at their Chislehurst home and so I was really looking forward to visiting again for a family photography session to update their pictures (do take a look at the ‘Just One’ preview post to see an image from our first shoot back in 2007).

Anna has grown so much in that time but it was the same big grin and sparkling eyes that met me when I arrived, and I knew we were going to have a great time. Anna is such a lovely young woman – so articulate and interesting to chat to, it was a real pleasure to spend time photographing her.

We decided to head straight outside as, although it was drizzling a touch, the forecast was for it to only get worse. Luckily for us it brightened up a bit and we ended up with a very pleasant day for photography – not too cold and with lovely soft light, which is always so nice to work with.

Just round the corner from the family’s Chislehurst home in Kent there is an absolutely lovely area of countryside, just perfect for family portraits. I was stunned – as a child, I had visited Chistlehurst to see the famous caves but I had never realised how much beautiful countryside there was so close to central London. Within minutes we were walking through large open fields, which the dogs loved – running around, chasing a ball and racing with Anna, a perfect activity for an autumn day.

Anna found a rope swing that was another source of great fun and of great pictures – Anna swung from side-to-side and only nearly fell in once, luckily she didn’t though or our photo shoot might have been cut short, a tumble into a cold stream is no fun for anyone. After being rescued by Dad, we headed onwards on our exploration, finding some of the most picturesque lanes I’ve seen in a while. It was just lovely – we walked, we talked, we took pictures, I do have a truly lovely job.

Then we headed back to the house for a few pictures indoors – the family snuggle on the sofa being a particular favourite, everyone in their usual places, all snuggled in together as they would be for a movie night. Pictures like these will be so precious later – it’s not just the stunning portraits or the activity pictures that bring back memories, sometimes it is just a snuggle on a favourite sofa that will bring back memories of childhood, so many days in front of so many episodes of Charlie and Lola, CBeebies and then moving onto grown-up films over the years. Everyone still in their usual place – it is strange how quickly you get a particular spot on the sofa and how long that stays the same. It’s lovely to capture these things as part of a family photo shoot as I can guarantee they will be lovely to look back on in years to come.

Here are a few favourites from our children and family portrait photography session in Chislehurst, Kent – I do hope you enjoy them.

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