Helen Bartlett / Family Portraiture

Family portrait photography with teenagers in Bath


I have been lucky enough to photograph Cate since she was two years old, in the days before I officially started my photography business. I cut my teeth as a photographer by photographing the children at my mother’s nursery school at home in Blackheath, and then creating black and white prints in our home darkroom to sell to the children’s parents – this is how I first met Cate twelve years ago and I’m so thrilled that I am still photographing her now, so many years on.

Our photo shoot took place in Bath, at the iconic Royal Crescent and The Circus, which were both incredible locations for our family and children’s portrait session and particularly good when photographing such a stunning teenager and such well-behaved dogs.

We started our morning at family’s home with some more formal pictures as possible options for the family Christmas card – photographing Cate with her dogs wearing comedy Christmas hats has been part of my calendar for so many years, and I love how even the dogs seem to think the whole thing is hilarious.

From home, we then took one of the family’s dogs, Ed, over to the Royal Crescent for some relaxed outdoor pictures whilst playing and running around. I love how the relationship between Cate and Ed the dog is clearly so strong and they have so much fun together – it’s wonderful to be able to capture this in my portrait photographs.

On our way back to the house, I took one of my favourite pictures of the day – Cate and Ed are walking ahead across The Circus, heading home, with mist in the air adding a feeling of mystery to the photograph – it seems to me that it could have been taken anytime in the last century or so.

Wanting to utilise the incredible architecture of The Circus, I also took some shots of Cate on the balcony which brings a real feel for the sweep of this majestic and iconic architectural setting. It’s a really stunning spot and one I feel privileged to have photographed in. I love these pictures with Cate looking so glamorous, almost like a 1930s movie star looking down on adoring fans.

We finished our morning in the garden with some simple headshot portraits that really capture Cate’s personality at this time. It was a wonderful session and I can’t wait for next year!

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