Helen Bartlett / Family Portraiture

Family photography with teenagers in Central London and Dulwich Park


I love photographing children of every age, and so I was thrilled when Sharmistha contacted us to arrange a family photo shoot with her two teenage children. We chatted on the phone about what she was looking for and decided to arrange a shoot with two distinct locations – central London and their local park in Dulwich in South London.

With this in mind, we arranged to meet at 8am on a Saturday morning – bright and early so we could have the streets of London to ourselves.

Sharmistha was keen to have some pictures taken on the Millennium Bridge with St Paul’s cathedral in the background, which is such an iconic image that encapsulates London – both ancient and modern, with all the diverse architecture that surrounds us. At 8am the city was deserted and we had the bridge to ourselves for our family photo shoot.

From the Millennium Bridge, we crossed over to St Paul’s cathedral which was again completely deserted. We had the steps to ourselves and we made great use of the majestic architecture for some really lovely shots. I love using architecture and the environment in this way to create really interesting and unusual family portrait images.

For the second half our shoot, we jumped in Sharmistha’s car and headed south to pick up the beloved family beagle and Arnav’s bike (a big hobby that the family wanted to document in the pictures) before heading to Dulwich Park for the second part of our family photography session.

We had a great time in the park, playing with their dog and chatting away – Arnav was heading to Cambridge Univeristy to start his degree that afternoon, so I was keenly sharing my knowledge of all the best pubs and cafes from my time in the town. Aanya showed me the tricks she had taught their dog, I was particularly impressed with his hand shaking and it was lovely to see the bond they had together.

It was a great photo shoot and I am thrilled with the pictures. I hope you will enjoy looking at them – our teenager and family photography from central London and Dulwich Park.

If you would like to arrange a portrait session for your own family, then please do contact us – we would love to hear from you.

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