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Family photography with teenagers in London


Today I’m thrilled to share these lovely images from a shoot with teenage children on the Southbank in London.

Sophie contacted me as she was keen to have pictures taken of the children as a surprise for her husband’s birthday. There was just one day when everyone would be together in London, and luckily I was free. So we booked it in and I looked forward to meeting everyone for our portrait session.

We decided to start very early so that there would be less crowds as Sophie was keen to have some pictures that took in some of the famous landmarks around St Paul’s and the Millennium Bridge. Clearly the children were a touch shell shocked by our 8am meeting, but with coffee to hand we set off. They were an absolute blast, so much fun, and I was thrilled to discover that Juliette was studying medieval literature and looking at many of the books I had written about during my MPhil at Cambridge. It was many years ago now, and I fear I have forgotten most of it, but still it was lovely to be discussing Chrétien de Troyes and the grail legends while walking in the sunshine.

Mathilde was choosing her university and it was really interesting to hear how the process was going, what she was looking for in the different towns and the courses that sounded most interesting. It’s funny looking back and remembering those days, the university prospectuses arriving each morning and the postman silently cursing myself and my friend Gracie, two doors down. Both of use seemed to receive heavier packages each day. I’m sure it’s all done online now, and postman around the country must have considerably less painful backs.

Vincent was hilarious, so fun and full of laughter, making his older sisters giggle with his antics. I love the picture of him jumping from the benches outside the Tate Modern, happy to try again and again jumping higher and higher each time until I got the perfect mid-air pose.

We had a great time taking pictures all along the Southbank. And it was wonderful to use the skate park, as we were so early there was nobody there. The light was incredible and the graffiti made such an interesting backdrop.

I think my favourite pictures were taken on the banks of the Thames and under the walkways of the Southbank. Stunning lighting and fascinating perspectives made for wonderful portraits that reminded me of album covers rather than traditional family portrait photographs.

We finished outside the Festival Hall with this last shot taken in one of the summer art installations, a strange plastic space with perfect eye-sized holes. I love to use all the different things we come upon when we’re out and about, and London has so many interesting locations and quirky elements that can make really striking portraits. It’s a wonderful place for family photographs and pictures with teenage children.

I hope you enjoy looking at today’s blog post. Do get in touch if you would like to arrange your own session.

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