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Family Photography with Teenagers in Wimbledon


Our fourth family photo shoot

I was thrilled to visit Elizabeth and her wonderful family in Wimbledon recently to update their family photographs. This was our fourth shoot although the previous ones had been a while ago. Life, as so often happens, got in the way. So it was a joy to be invited back to record a huge family milestone, the eldest heading off to University and all the excitement of independence, learning, and new friends that will bring.

It’s always nice to mark the milestones, to record the family on the cusp of new adventures in pictures that can be looked back on with joy as the years pass.

Family photography on Wimbledon Common

We started our session on Wimbledon common, one of my favourite locations in London for family photography sessions and a particularly good spot when photographing older children and teenagers as it’s quiet and there are so many beautiful spots for family pictures and beautiful portraits.

As we explored together, we found so many different options for pictures from treelined paths to benches, incredible silver birches and picturesque fallen logs.  Starting early meant we beat the crowds and were rewarded by a beautiful and peaceful walk.

The light was lovely and soft, and I took advantage of overhead shade for some beautiful headshot portraits of everyone. I love pictures like these, they look amazing hung together on the wall.

Pictures at home

For the second half of the session we headed back to the family’s stunning Wimbledon home and I couldn’t resist the view from the top of the house down through the bannisters, it’s always so fun to include architectural features in my pictures.

We also made sure to record the family bar out in the garden, a recent edition built after the end of A-Levels and one that was clearly a favourite with all the everyone.


When I asked Elizabeth what she would miss most when her eldest headed off to university, the answer was the music that filled the house. A truly talented composter and performer I was lucky to have my own private concert of piano and guitar music as I took pictures. Experiences like these are joy for me and it’s humbling to watch the talent of the next generation, I find it incredibly inspiring.


We finished with some sporting pictures the garden, netball and rugby being the sports of choice and finding angles for action shots was such fun.  There are some wonderful little sequences of everyone jumping for the ball which will be wonderful on album spreads. I can’t wait to share them all with the family.

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This session was a joy from start to finish and I wish Will the best of luck at University, I know he will have an incredible time. I hope to see everyone again for the next milestone.

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