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London’s Best Photographer for Natural Photos of Teenagers – Just One


Professional portrait photographs that really capture a teenager’s personality can be a challenge as a family photographer but it’s one that I really relish. As each year passes I’m photographing more and more older children and teenagers as the families I have been photographing since I started my business grow up and, as I share more pictures of older children here on the website, my reputation as London’s best photographer for natural photographs of teenagers grows.

I’ve been photographing Toby and his sister Willa since 2007 when he was five years old and Willa was three, our regular photo shoots have been some of my all time favourites. Over the years there have been themes that have been present in all the shoots, Wimbledon Common – the families favourite stomping ground, the family dogs who have always been keen to get in on the action and speed, whether it’s running, jumping (riding a broomstick, although that was a long time ago now!) or on this latest photo shoot, mountain biking. I love that this athleticism and love of action is something that the children have grown up with and it’s certainly something I love to photograph.

We had such a brilliant time out on the Common – Wimbledon is one of my favourite locations for children and family photography. I love the variety of the location and the wildness of the woodland, it’s always different each time we go and the huge amount of fallen trees make it one of natures most amazing natural playgrounds.

The shot I chose for my Just One was taken back at the house though, Toby wanted to show me his bike and I used the technique of panning – using a slow shutter speed and moving the camera along with the movement of the subject to get the sense of speed through the blurred background. I love how this has worked perfectly, Toby’s face perfectly in focus and the movement of his jumper really emphasizing the speed at which he flies from one end of the garden to the other.

I love it, and I hope you do too, today’s Just One from a recent family photography session with teenagers on Wimbledon Common.

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