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Photographer for your Teenagers in Hyde Park, West London


I’ve been photographing Lauren since she was three years old and for our recent session we went to Hyde Park in West London. When we first met Lauren was so little, we played with bubbles and sang songs, taking natural relaxed pictures as she played. For this session, now she is a confident and intelligent young lady we concentrated more on portrait headshots and pictures that captured her poise and beauty as she heads towards adulthood.

Lauren has always been a joy to photograph and I love our annual catch up, hearing about what she is up to at school, interesting books and films and just getting a feel for young peoples lives in London today. It feels different to my childhood, teenagers are much more motivated and confident than I remember being at that age, school feels a more serious business, I find it fascinating.

We had a great time, walking around stunning Hyde Park in Kensington, using the light to create the most beautiful teenage portrait photographs with a really relaxed and natural feel. We were lucky with the most incredible light – I love it when everything comes together like this.

It’s always lovely to photograph teenagers and it’s something I’m doing more and more of as the children I’ve been photographing since I started my business fourteen years ago grow up. If you would be interested in having your teenage sons or daughters photographed in a relaxed and natural fashion then do get in touch, I’d love to meet you all if you would like to see more examples then do click on the links to see me Photographing Teenagers in Kent or a Family Portrait Session with Teenagers in Bromley or this recent Kensington Family Photo Shoot with Teenagers

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