Helen Bartlett / Family Portraiture

Photographing Teenagers in Kensington


I’ve been photographing Lauren for twelve years and so I was thrilled when Joanna asked if I could meet her in Kensington to take some new portrait photographs.

We had a brilliant time walking around Kensington looking for the best light and interesting backgrounds and we were rewarded with some really stunning opportunities. I particularly love this shot where the low winter sun is casting such long shadows and Lauren is looking so incredibly cool. Great light and great attitude have come together perfectly in this portrait.

Photographing teenagers is always so interesting, hearing about school and hobbies and interests. I’m always so impressed by how well informed young people are now about politics and global affairs, I’m much more so than when I was growing up. It was fascinating to hear Lauren’s perspective on the news.

We had a great time and the pictures are fantastic, this is definitely one of my favorites though and I hope you can see why I chose it for my Just One, this portrait of teenage Lauren taken in Kensington recently.

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