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Wimbledon photoshoot with teenagers


My fifth photoshoot with Kate and her teenage children

I’ve spent a lot of time in Wimbledon this last year and my fifth photoshoot with Kate and her amazing teenage children was one of my favourites.  I’ve been photographing the family for eleven years and it’s been such a privilege to watch these talented and intelligent children grow up.

I find it incredibly humbling to have been photographing children over such a long period of time.  To have done my first photoshoots when the little ones were just walking it’s wonderful to still be working with the family now the children are teenagers and the conversations are firmly on the future, university, career aspirations and the exciting opportunities the world has to offer.

I love that we can still just hang out and have fun.  We can still head out onto Wimbledon common for a walk with the dog and have a great time.


An active photoshoot is perfect for photographing teenagers

Toby and Willa have always been such fun to photograph as they are so incredibly active, they are always on the move and so athletic.  I watched in awe as they tore round the riding area, taking the jumps in their stride with no horses to help.  I watched in delight as their dogs joined them.

I love their sibling interactions which remind me so much of my brother and I.  So close and yet so able to wind each other up, that sparring love that is so integral to teenage years.  I love to think that in ten years’ time they will still have this wonderful relationship and I hope I will still be photographing them then.

As always Wimbledon Common was a brilliant place for pictures and because they know it like the back of their hands we were able to explore some cool new places I’d never been.  Years of walking the dog there has given the family an encyclopaedic knowledge of all the cool spots that even a keen family photographer had yet to learn.

The beautiful woodland provided wonderful backdrops for photographs of these teenagers individually and together.  We took action shots and more formal portraits, a great combination of different things to provide a snapshot in time for their parents to enjoy now and for the teenagers to look back on in the future.

A few shots at home

At the end of our shoot we headed home for a few last shots.  Toby was keen to do some cycling which is not allowed on the common and Willa wanted some photographs to show her guitar playing which is a big part of her life.  It’s lovely to incorporate these hobbies into the pictures as they will be reminders in later years of which interests were most important during their time as teenagers.

I hope you enjoy looking at this selection of pictures.  If you would like to discover more about my photoshoots with teenagers, then do take a look on the dedicated teenagers page on the website or explore some of the other areas such as the how it works page or the reviews.  I do hope you will like what you see and please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions.