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Family Vacation Photo Shoot at Tower Bridge


Easter family photo shoot with London sights

This Easter has been very busy so far and I’ve really enjoyed some fantastic vacation photo shoots with London landmarks including this amazing one at Tower Bridge and beyond. These family photography sessions are a wonderful way to record your vacation in London and such fun too.

It’s a great idea to book a photographer when you are visiting a city, we know the area and can find picture opportunities you might not have thought of.  We can also combine sight-seeing with your family photo shoot.  London has so much to see and do it’s a great opportunity to fit two things together with wonderful results.

The pleasure of being booked by a fellow photographer

It’s always incredibly humbling to be booked for a family photo shoot by another photographer, especially another photographer from the other side of the world. I was thrilled when the incredibly talented Jill Emmer from Shine On Photos chose me to photograph her family.

Working with a fellow photographer is such a joy as there’s an understanding of what makes a great photo. It’s also a challenge to find something new and unexpected and I hope I will have created some pictures that Jill loves as much as I do. It was an absolute pleasure working together.

Tower Bridge family photography

We started our photo shoot near Tower Bridge, one of London’s most famous landmarks and a beautiful spot for photography even if it does often mean running the gauntlet of security guards. It seems to change week on week where we can take photos in London, but it all adds to the fun as changes of location keep us thinking on our feet and lead to new and unexpected opportunities.

I loved finding some different viewpoints for the Bridge from a wide angle view on the bridge itself to something from below that shows the scale of the architecture, it’s an incredible feat of engineering .

St Katherine’s Docks as a location for family portraits

From Tower Bridge we headed to St Katherine’s docks, partly to shelter from the rain and also to enjoy some of the interesting backdrops the area has to offer. I love how you can cross a road in London and be somewhere so different.

The patterned hoarding made great backdrops for a family shot and I love the boys springing into action for a motion filled family picture, one of my favourites from the shoot. There were so many opportunities in this picturesque area of London.

Movement and blur

Jill had been keen that I incorporated movement and blur into our pictures, and I was very happy to oblige as working with different speeds is something I really enjoy. It was great to experiment on a shoot where we weren’t playing a sport or using a playground (often the environments where I use motion the most) and I’m thrilled with the results with some lovely panning and zoom burst shots.


Of course, no family photo shoot is complete without some portraits and I hope that these will be some welcome additions to Jill’s family album. The boys were both so charismatic as well as being well trained in the art of modelling by their mother. I hope the boys feel I’ve captured them just as they see themselves.

Family photos on the Southbank and Big Ben

As we were having so much fun we decided to finish our shoot with a short taxi ride to the Southbank to fit in the London Eye and Big Ben alongside our earlier pictures. I love taking photos and it’s such fun to fit in as many different places as possible.

The soft light was a gift for shots with the houses of parliament in the background and then, as if by magic, the sun came out at the end to give us a wonderful pool of light for an image in the skate park below the Festival Hall.

We couldn’t have planned it better and I’m so thrilled with the results.

Book a family photo shoot on your London vacation this year

If you like what you have seen here today and would be interested in booking your own family session when you visit London this year then do get in touch.

You can read more about my London vacation family photo shoots and see some recent press articles here. Together we will create some wonderful memories, I look forward to meeting you and your family soon.