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Vacation photography with triplets on Hampstead Heath


Hampstead Heath as a location for vacation photographs

I’ve always been a huge fan of Hampstead Heath as a location for family photographs since I first visited years ago.  When Dominic and Shannon said they would be staying near Hampstead Heath with their triplet boys it was the obvious choice of location for our vacation photography session.

The landscape on Hampstead Heath is so beautiful, it’s hard to believe you are in central London as you explore the vast expanse.  I think there are still areas I’ve never been to even though I used to run there fairly frequently.  This makes it so much fun as we can explore while we take pictures, following new paths and seeing where they lead, the shared excitement brings a lovely atmosphere to our photo shoots.

This was my second photo shoot with Dominic and Shannon and the second time they have chosen to have family portrait photographs taken when visiting London on vacation.  The first time was back in 2014 when the triplets were only nine months old and we’re already planning our next adventure although that might involve a trip to Hungary in 2020, I can’t wait.

It’s so humbling when clients choose to arrange a photo shoot as part of their holiday and feels particularly special when it becomes a regular part of their trips to the UK.

The fun of photographing triplets

We had a fantastic time.  When I arrived, the triplets were running around causing havoc. I had hardly got in the door when my hand was grabbed, and I was told ‘come and play with us Helen’.  I hadn’t even got my coat off when I was involved in a game of hide and seek and, as you can imagine, my camera came out of my bag quick as a flash.  I love it when the children are so excited to see me and so keen to get involved in games and pictures.

While breakfast was being prepared we had a game of hide and seek and also made sure to get some family pictures while energy levels were running high.  The Airbnb was a perfect location to start our shoot with beautiful light and plenty of space, working brilliantly for some family portraits.

Then it was out to Hampstead Heath for some exploring and we had such a great time.  The boys loved climbing on logs and running around.  I imagine being a triplet must be so much fun, you always have someone to play with and it was lovely to watch the boys interact with each other and with their parents.  It was a perfect morning and, as always, resulted in some really lovely pictures that the family can treasure and will always remind them of their family vacation to Hampstead in London.

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