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Vacation photos in London’s Hyde Park


Professional vacation photography in London

Booking a professional family photographer when you are in London on Vacation is such a wonderful thing to do and Hyde Park is a perfect spot for pictures.  You can spend a brilliant morning together as a family, enjoying yourselves and having fun, and be safe in the knowledge that a skilled professional is recording your day.

It’s hard to photograph your own family, there’s always someone behind the camera and, completely fairly, the kids often want to just play with you.  This is where hiring a professional really comes into its own.  You are free to play and have fun, the children get to enjoy your full attention and someone else, someone like me, takes pictures that record all the magical moments.

Hyde Park as a location for family photos

I was so thrilled when Slawek contacted me to book a family photo shoot while his family were on vacation here in London.  They were keen to visit London’s beautiful Hyde Park and have fun outdoor shots as the girls had fun and the family played together.

It was one of my all-time favourite photo shoots even though a language barrier meant the girls and I communicated only in laughter and sign language.  We had such a blast.

Starting out bright and early we had the park to ourselves and London was at its wintery best, cold and bright but with that wonderful crispness to the air that I love.


Having fun on your photo shoot

The girls ran straight for the leaves, kicking and throwing them in the air, dancing with the leaves as they caught in the wind, it was such good fun.  Soon they realised it was even more fun to throw the leaves at their parents and who was I to disagree.  Chases ensued, followed by the inevitable laughter and cuddles.  The love between family members really is wonderful to behold.

From leaf throwing we headed to the playground and again were rewarded for our early start by our pick of the swings.  The girls loved going higher and higher and I loved pushing myself photographically to get different angles on the shot. I particularly love the panning pictures, capturing the speed and energy as the swing flew through the air with the girls laughing uproariously.

From swings and slides it was time for a hot drink and a chocolate brownie to refuel adults and children alike.  Then, after we had warmed up we headed out to feed the squirrels.  The squirrels weren’t interested but the pigeons seemed to think this was a marvellous idea and came out to play.

I’ve never seen anything like it, they were so tame landing on hands and shoulders to the girl’s absolute delight.  What a thing to remember from their family vacation in London and what a thing to have recorded in beautiful family photographs they can treasure as they grow up.

Tired and happy we finished our shoot and headed to the underground.  It had been the most wonderful morning and the pictures are some that I will always love.  Some photo shoots have these remarkable moments that I know will never be repeated and the bird feeding was definitely one of those.  Such a brilliant morning with such a wonderful family, I’ll never forget it.

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If you are thinking of having some family photography on vacation in London, then do get in touch.  We can discuss your travel plans and your family’s favourite things and work out a brilliant family photo shoot tailored to you. You can also read more about my London Vacation Photography and please get in touch if you have any questions.  I look forward to hearing from you.