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Baby Photography in Harrow


Beautiful baby photography in Harrow on the Hill

Today on the blog I want to share a selection of images from a recent baby photography session in Harrow. Harrow isn’t an area I know well and so I was thrilled when Annie contacted me to book a portrait session for her baby. I love exploring new places and I’m lucky that my work as a baby photographer in London takes me all over the capital.

I knew from early on I was going to have a brilliant time as the family seemed so lovely from the emails we exchanged and I wasn’t disappointed, we spent a fantastic morning together and there are so many lovely pictures to choose from. Today I’ll share a sneak preview which I love to do, to give the family a taste of what is to come, and to help prospective clients decide whether I’m the right photographer for them. If you are currently choosing your family photographer then I hope you enjoy this selection and that you have time to look at some other recent photo shoots here on the blog, there’s lots to see.

Choosing your baby photographer in Harrow

Chatting to Annie it became clear that she had done lots of research when choosing the right photographer for her baby photography in Harrow. I’m always thrilled to hear that people have spent a lot of time looking and have fallen in love with the work on my website. I work hard to create beautiful pictures for my clients and images that stand out from the crowd. My love of stunning portraits, beautiful use of light, and creative images while still working in a very natural style had caught the family’s imagination.

Baby photography out and about in Harrow on the Hill

When I’m photographing families, I like to create a variety of images, portraits, pictures of the family together and also creative shots which incorporate the environment so it’s always lovely to get out and about for some of the session, to explore the nearby areas and shoot some beautiful wider environmental shots. For this session we spent part of the time in Annie’s lovely flat and then also explored the famous Harrow Hill, finding some stunning opportunities for outdoor photos and some spots that I just know the family will spend a lot of time exploring and playing as their wonderful little boy grows up. This is one of the joys of this type of work, incorporating surrounding areas which will mean so much to the family and bring back so many memories.

Baby photography at four months old

Four months is a wonderful age for baby photographs, while the little ones aren’t sitting at this stage, they do have great neck strength and so there are possibilities for beautiful pictures as they lie on their tummies. I love these shots where he’s holding his head up, he was so proud of himself, smiling up at his parents with such a look of joy. This is an age where the smiles come thick and fast and it was such a joyful photo shoot – when my husband saw me processing the pictures, he commented ‘they look lovely, what incredibly smiles’ – he was so right, a happy vibe shines through in all the pictures as I hope you will see.

We were also lucky to have Annie’s mother with us for the shoot and I always love it when grandparents are involved – these pictures will be so important to the little ones when they grow up and it’s such a pleasure to witness the bonds of love between grandchildren and grandparents. You could see that they adored each other and I’m so thrilled to have some pictures that show this special bond for the family to enjoy.

Book your baby photo shoot in Harrow

A fun photo shoot from start to finish and I can’t wait for more in the future as this little boy grows up. If you like this selection of baby pictures from our photo shoot in Harrow and would like to book your own session then do get in touch via the contact form or give me a call on 03456031373, I’d love to hear from you and help you create some beautiful memories for your family.